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At BHBITB our mission is,

To act as both salt and light… shaping the world through logical thought, moral regulation, and righteous action.

As mankind barrels blindly into the future, it will need a shepherd to guide and care for it. It will need leadership and defense from forces that wish to destroy the global social order. It will need a structure that can handle the problems created by the speed of change. It will need BHBITB. As life becomes more complicated, in a world that is spinning out of control, systems will need to be in place to ensure your peace of mind. BHBITB is here to do that for you. To better understand the numinous qualities of BHBITB, a Practice of Principles has been inculcated to help train and direct you, our most valued commodity. BHBITB will re-designate history, and circumscribe the future, to create a world of happiness and joy. It will strive to de-manifest the genuine quaesitum of the sodality, while creating a vizard of happiness and prosperity. BHBITB will consolidate terrestrial hegemony, while eliminating non-plussed entities that cause harm to the established system of regulation. All aspects of life will be prescribed by BHBITB, freeing the masses from hardship. Put your faith in BHBITB and let it change your life forever.

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